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Armagh is a beautiful city in Northern Ireland. But it is much more than that. With its two cathedrals facing each other from the top of two hills, Armagh tells the story of the unrest that Northern Ireland experienced during the last 30 years of the 20th century. But these two Armagh cathedrals cohabiting in harmony are also the symbol of an Ireland that has set aside its conflicts to look to the future. During your group stay in Armagh, your group will have the opportunity to immerse itself in the exciting history of Ireland while discovering a welcoming and smiling city, just like the Irish. To get to Armagh, the nearest airport is Belfast, about 50 km away. It offers international flights to the main cities of Europe. It is then easy to reach Armagh by bus or train. If you wish, you can also travel to Ireland by ferry, but depending on where you come from, the road can be very long. As for accommodation, if Armagh does not have the capacity of Belfast, it still offers a varied choice of hotels to accommodate your group. On the Groupcorner website you will find hotels in Armagh that match your needs and budget.

Armagh is undoubtedly the most celebrated city in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. The two facing cathedrals, erected on hills in the heart of the city of Armagh, both bear the name of Ireland's patron saint. In March, the city hosts the Home of Saint-Patrick Festival, which features concerts and drumming demonstrations. To avoid making people jealous, your group should visit both cathedrals. However, St. Patrick's Day is not the only interest of Armagh and your group can go to the planetarium to observe the sky or immerse themselves in Irish history at the Armagh County Museum. However, as always in Ireland, the most exciting thing is not in museums, but in the streets and pubs. Music is an essential part of Armagh and your group will have many opportunities to listen to a traditional music concert. An experience that will leave him with wonderful memories of your group trip to Armagh.

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