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The safety(security) and the confidentiality of your private data were always at the heart of our idea of the service(department). At Groupcorner we quite implemented always to guarantee an optimal protection of your personal data and we do not have since Europe legislates on this principle. Our commitment to reveal never your personal information in thirds(third parties) in a commercial purpose or other and to post(show) never advertisements on Groupcorner.com is examples.
We grouped(included), below, points concerning our politics(policy) of protection of your personal information in a simple and clear way so that they are included by all.

Recording and use of  the personal data

On Groupcorner.com, we collect only little personal data concerning you and they are of use only to the treatment of your demands by your councillor Groupcorner and to the improvement of our service.

  • When you navigate Groupcorner in a anonymous way, we collect certain information of your visit such as the IP address or still the Internet browser used by means of these famous cookies. We use Google cookies Analitics guaranteeing your perfect anonymity in the data analysis collected(took in).
    That do we make it? These data allow to improve the service(department) even if you are not registered on Groupcorner.com. For example: the country in which you are allows us to propose a service(department) closer to you or still the number of users connected to Groupcorner serves us to adjust the power of our server.
    What can you make? If you do not want to adhere(subscribe) to this approach(initiative), you can deactivate cookies directly in your Internet browser for example for Chromium: Cookies Chrome or other Firefox : Cookies Firefox

  • When you join on Groupcorner, we register(record) your data of identification on our server. These data are reduced to the bare minimum for the treatment(processing) of your demand(request): your address e-mail (e-mail), telephone, your first name and name as well as a password. Nothing else.
    That do we make it? Your e-mail (e-mail) and your telephone allow your councillor to contact you to come along in the treatment of your request but also allow you to get back your password in case of oversight.
    Your first name and name allow to personalize and especially to humanize the exchanges with your councillor(adviser). We communicate to our partners hosts only your first name also in a concern(marigold) to humanize your exchanges.
    The password as for him allows you to reassure(secure) your account. At no time, we acquaint with your password, he(it) is coded (on 256 bits) on our servers.
    What can you make? You can formulate at any time the wish to delete(eliminate) of our servers your personal information with your councillor(adviser) either by e-mail (e-mail), or by telephone. You will receive then an e-mail of confirmation (the last one from us thus) with the copy of your data from the finished operation.

  • When you book with one of our partners host, we have no access to your personal or banking data. The latter are managed by our person receiving benefits of payment recognized Stripe all over the world for its reliability.

Recording and use of  the not personal data

To be totally transparent, we register(record) on our server your demands(requests) of accommodation(hosting) and your conversations written on Groupcorner.com and e-mails (e-mails) so that you found them in your space.

  • When you formulate a demand(request) on Groupcorner.com or directly by telephone with your councillor(adviser), we register(record) on our server the information which you informed.
    That do we make it? These data allow to handle your demand(request) and to propose you accommodations(hostings) adapted to your needs. This information is only communicated with the selected accommodations(hostings) so that they can answer you at best.
    What can you make? You can formulate at any time the wish to get back this information with your councillor(adviser) either by e-mail (e-mail), or by telephone. You will receive then an e-mail with the copy of these data.

  • When you write on Groupcorner.com to one of our partners host, we register(record) your whole conversation.
    That do we make it? This conversation is accessible(approachable) that by you and the interested to know our partner host. Your councillor(adviser) also has the possibility of reading your conversation to guarantee you the best possible service(department) and to be able to react in certain cases.
    What can you make? In the same way if you formulate the wish to get back this information with your councillor(adviser) either by e-mail (e-mail), or by telephone, you will receive then an e-mail with the copy of these data.

Disclosure to  third parties

We reveal, neither sell, nor share none of your data whatever it is with thirds(third parties) other than our partners host selected players in your demands(requests).

Your personal data, with the exception of your first name, are not communicated to these partners as long as you do not formulate the demand(request) directly on Groupcorner.com (demand(request) of reminder(abseiling) by the host or demand(request) of reservation). In these two cases, an action(share) from you is necessary and the acceptance of the information sharing will be explicitly indicated.

However, Groupcorner ( AGAH) can be brought - because of the law, within the framework of a legal proceedings, of a dispute and/or of a request of the public authorities of your country of residence or other one - to reveal your personal data in competent authorities. We can also reveal your data if we think that for purposes of National Security, of law enforcement or other subject of public interest, the disclosure is necessary or suited. We can also reveal information concerning you if we think that this disclosure is reasonably necessary to assert(to derive profit from) the respect for our general conditions or protect our activities or our users. Besides, in case of restructuring, of fusion(merger) or of sale, we can transfer any personal information which we collect in the concerned third(third party).

Data  protection

We implement all the ways to protect your data.

  • We do not know your password, it is coded on our waiters(servers).
  • All the pages and the resources of site is protected in HTTP by a certificate SSL DV wildcard. Your sailor(browser) indicates it to you by a green padlock next to URL (Web address of the site).
  • Our waiters(servers) use the technologies the most moved forward in term of protection of access whether it is for an access outside our company or in house as regards the access of the employees of the company.
  • The data of payment (bank cards, etc.) are not known by our waiters, they are stored at our person's receiving benefits Stripe's who possesses all the guarantees and the certifications required for this type of activity.

However, considering the complexity of the Internet environment and the mobile telephony, Groupcorner (AGAH) however could not be kept in an obligation of result as such.

Access to  your data

You can formulate at any time the wish to get back your data with your councillor(adviser) either by e-mail (e-mail), or by telephone. You will receive then an e-mail with the copy of these data.

Destruction of your data

You may at any time formulate the wish to destroy your data to your advisor either by email (e-mail), by telephone, or in your space via the support or directly to the email address dpd@groupcorner.com. You will then receive a final e-mail notifying you that the operation has been completed.

Data Protection  Officer

We named(appointed) one " Dated Protection Officer " (or " Delegated to the Data protection "), you can contact him(it) at the address dpd@groupcorner.com.

Cookies and other  technologies

Groupcorner.com uses cookies, they are used to understand better the users and improve constantly the service. They are also used for statistical purposes and of follow-up of the performance and the relevance of our waiters.

A cookie is also used when you become identified on the site to keep(guard) your open session. You can delete(eliminate) at any time this cookie via the options of your sailor(browser). This cookie allows you not to have to re-authenticate too much frequently.

Questions on the  confidentiality

If you have questions concerning the treatment of your data or points slander on this page, thank you for contact us.