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The United Kingdom is an island. A simple glance at a map of Europe is enough to arrive at this observation. Yet, despite its island status, travelling to England, Scotland or Wales has never been easier. By plane, of course, thanks to the many airports throughout the country, including Heathrow in London, the largest airport in Europe. Although less frequented, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Birmingham all have airports connected to the main cities in Europe. All these cities are now in full economic development and have a number of hotels and accommodations to organize your group trip. It is also possible to reach the island by car via ferry links between England and Scotland and France, Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands. London is less than two hours' drive from the main ports. Be careful, however, with traffic in London. It is necessary to take into account the traffic rules imposed on vehicles in the English capital (taxes must be paid) and the frequent traffic jams on the M25 motorway. Since the creation of the Channel Tunnel, it has also become easy to travel by train to the United Kingdom. From Paris or Lille, it will only take you a few minutes to reach London. Then you will find trains to all the major cities in the United Kingdom. Birmingham, with its National Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition centre in England, and its many hotels and group accommodation, is only an hour and a half from London.

The United Kingdom is a country of contrasts. Depending on your desires and needs for your group stay, you can choose between its large, cosmopolitan and dynamic cities and its outdated countryside, criss-crossed by small stone walls, where the milkman still puts his bottles at your door every morning. Its cities all have many assets. London of course, with its museums and theatres, will seduce the participants in your group trip. But you may prefer Oxford and its old universities or Liverpool, whose banks have been completely renovated. There is something for everyone. Whether you prefer the charm of a countryside that has preserved its style and traditions or cities that live at 100 km/h, the United Kingdom has a destination for your group holiday. All you have to do is point it out on the map and give us your budget and Groupcorner will find the right hotel for the groups for your stay.

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