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As the youngest city in Europe, Birmingham does not always have the reputation it deserves. It must be said that the city was once an industrial city, all red bricks and chimneys. However, England's second largest city has changed a lot and offers many advantages when it comes to organising a group trip. Located between London and Manchester, it has an airport that offers direct flights to major European cities. This airport is located next to the largest exhibition park in England, the National Exhibition Center (NEC), which hosts concerts and lounges all year round. From the airport, very regular trains take you to the centre of Birmingham in just a few minutes. Birmingham is also connected to London with direct trains several times a day. Wherever you come from, it is therefore easy to travel to Birmingham with your group. As for accommodation, Birmingham has a wide range of hotels for groups in the city centre, but also around the airport and the NEC. The rates of these hotels vary greatly depending on the lounges that take place at the NEC and which can, sometimes, bring groups from all over Europe to Birmingham.

If your group members watched the TV series Peaky Blinders, which describes Birmingham's mafia circles at the beginning of the 20th century, they are unlikely to want to follow you on a group trip to Birmingham. They would be wrong. The city has changed enormously in recent years and the miles of canals once lined with factories now house charming pubs and luxury homes. Similarly, the City Hall district is now pedestrianised and invites you to take nice walks among Birmingham's ancient monuments. Your group will be seduced by the mix of Birmingham style where Georgian buildings mix with surprising architectural daring such as the main station, the library or the Bull Ring, a magnificent shopping centre that will delight shopping enthusiasts in your group. In the evening, Birmingham is a lively city with many pubs and restaurants with a warm atmosphere. Undoubtedly, your group will be surprised by Birmingham and will return seduced by this metropolis in full mutation.

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