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Along with Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds, Sheffield is one of the major industrial cities in the North of England. However, unlike other major English cities, Sheffield has never had major monuments. It has therefore kept a rather modest face, earning it the nickname of "the largest village in England". During your group stay in Sheffield, your group will discover a pleasant city where it is pleasant to walk. The majority of flights to Sheffield are to southern European resorts. However, there are a few lines between Sheffield and Paris, Dublin or Amsterdam. Depending on where you come from, it is very likely that you will have to make a stopover to get to Sheffield. You can also choose to land in London, Manchester or Birmingham and then take the train to Sheffield with your group. On the accommodation side, Sheffield has a wide range of hotels where you can easily find the ideal accommodation to organise your group trip. To simplify your task, Groupcorner has selected for you the best hotels in all categories, from high-end to cheap hotels for groups.

Downtown Sheffield has a heterogeneous look. Modern buildings are adjacent to old brick houses and Victorian monuments. The whole, sometimes surprising, is nevertheless seductive and invites you to take a walk. Similarly, its suburbs alternate industrial wastelands and residential neighbourhoods with beautiful views of the surrounding wooded hills. If the city offers many possibilities for your group to visit, do not hesitate to offer yourself a getaway outside its walls if your group gives you time. Sheffield is located just a few kilometres from Peak District National Park, home to some of England's most beautiful landscapes. If your group includes outdoor or photography enthusiasts, they will thank you for this escapade among these undulating and preserved landscapes.

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