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Traveling to London

As London is one of the largest European transportation hubs, it is easy as pie to get there in groups. England being an island, the road access is obviously more complicated - however, it is very convenient to fly there or to take the train.

Boasting 5 international airports (Luton, Stansted, London City, Gatwick and Heathrow), London can be easily reached by plane. The smallest airport, London City, is the one located closest to the city centre; but Heathrow, which is the biggest one, allows you to reach the centre with a train shuttle in just 15 minutes.
The other three- Luton, Gatwick and Stansted -are farther away, as they welcome low cost companies. Therefore it will take you between 40 minutes to 1h45 to reach the centre from these airports, according to the chosen way (bus, train or taxi).
Coming by train is obviously a winning pick. Indeed, it takes only 2h15 to reach the heart of the London city centre from Paris. Plus, Eurostar provides groups with the possibility to privatize a coach in order to ensure maximal travelling comfort.
A car ride to London from France often turns out to be more complicated and requires using either the train (Eurotunnel) or the ferry (Britanny Ferries, Condor, Deds Seaways…). However this solution can be considered, especially for travelers coming from the coastal regions of Northern and Western France, where the ferries departure ports are positioned.

Hotels of all standards for all kinds of groups

There is a great range of hotels in London and the rates differ according to the areas. The city is well-known for its high cost of living- which is usually worsened by unfavorable €/£ exchange rates. It is therefore best to look for the areas suiting your budget and your needs.

West End doubtless attracts tourists most; the City gathers the biggest banking firms. Westminster harbors famous Big Ben, while Kensington and Chelsea are posh areas displaying museums and parks. Mayfair also ranks among the most exclusive London areas. You can pick Camden for its original flea markets, or Shoreditch with its arty, festive atmosphere.Composed of East End and the Essex suburbs, Eastern London is more of a working-class area, yet is has recently been revived by the 2012 Olympic Games facilities.
Groupcorner has selected London hotels suiting all kinds of needs.

Your school trip with Groupcorner

Class trips are wonderful memories of childhood or adolescence. They are full of moments of discovery and unforgettable conviviality that students rarely experience in school. It’s difficult for children to imagine how hard teachers work to organise a field trip. Arranging transportation, preparing visits and especially finding suitable lodging for a group of children or teenagers can be frustrating and exhausting. Groupcorner makes it easier for teachers to travel with their class or create a language training session in a European country.


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