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The tourist appeal of Palermo has not detracted from its authenticity. It has preserved its unique character that will seduce the members of your group during your group stay in Palermo. Unless you want to take the ferry from Italy to Sicily by car, flying is the most convenient way to reach Palermo. Its airport offers direct flights to several major European cities. Especially on some low-cost airlines. Palermo has a wide choice of hotels or group accommodation to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels to low-cost group accommodation in Palermo.

Few places have experienced as many cultural influences as Sicily. Romans, Greeks and Normans have left their traces there. Palermo, like Sicily, is home to a rich heritage that tells centuries of history through the Byzantine mosaics of churches or the elaborate facades of baroque palaces that your group will enjoy discovering on your group trip to Palermo. Palermo is not a museum city, however. It is a lively city whose pulse is taken in the alleys of the Ballaro market, a colourful market. If your group includes opera lovers, Palermo is also home to one of the greatest operas in the world with the Teatro Massimo. And if this is not necessary to convince your group, Palermo is bordered by magnificent beaches that invite you to idleness and make the Sicilian capital a choice destination for your group stay.

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