Your group trip in Naples

There are many reasons to choose Naples for your company retreat. Location is probably the top reason. Nestled within the Bay of Naples, in the sumptuous landscapes of the Amalfi Coast, this city has indeed an exceptional setting. It's also easy to reach by way of Capodichino airport which offers several international connections. As a gateway to southern Italy, Naples is well served by motorway and train. The Amalfi Coast and the islands of the Bay of Naples are popular tourist destinations with many hotels that can accommodate groups and an especially large selection of luxury or upscale hotels. In the historic heart of Naples, you will find a wide variety of accommodation for groups, some charming restorations in the walls of historic palaces, but also budget hotels that can accommodate your school alumni group.

Naples will delight every member of your group. The city has charm and attractions that make it ideal for tourist excursion groups. Its natural surroundings are breathtaking, with the beautiful Bay of Naples, idyllic beaches and islands. The city has an incredible historical legacy, since Campania has seen so many cultures and civilizations. A few kilometers from Naples, Pompeii reminds us that the area was very popular during Roman times. Don't forget to propose to your historical society group members an outing to discover these ruins frozen in time by the eruption of Etna. The historic center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is full of churches and palaces. It is an invitation to stroll. Do take some time between two museum visits to relax in the sidewalk cafés, restaurants and trattorias that are spread throughout the city. This may be best the pizza and the best coffee you will every have in Italy. Your company team-building event in Naples could embark on a barista hunt or pizza tasting to check if the reputation is deserved.

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