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Your group stay in Lombardy

There are many reasons to go to Lombardy. Lakes Garda and Como attract tourists from all over Europe every year. Milan, for its part, attracts culture lovers with its emblematic sites such as La Scala, but also business tourism. The Milan metropolitan area is indeed a leading economic centre, ranking third among Europe's largest conurbations, behind Paris and London. Needless to say, therefore, that the city has an international airport with excellent connections to most major European cities. Also, Milan has a large hotel park where you will have no trouble finding a hotel for your group trip to Lombardy. However, if you prefer to stay in the countryside during your group stay in Lombardy, the shores of Lake Como and especially Lake Garda are home to numerous hotel complexes.

During your group trip to Lombardy, the members of your group won't know where to put their heads. Lovers of art and history will love Milan and its mythical opera house, La Scala, or its superb marble cathedral, but also Mantua and Sabbionetta. These two UNESCO World Heritage Cities are full of architectural treasures. Sports enthusiasts will not be outdone during your group stay in Lombardy. In Milan, they will be able to visit the San Siro, the stadium of AC Milan and Inter Milan, and, not far away, the Monza racetrack, the setting for some of the great hours of Formula 1. Lombardy will also offer you beautiful natural landscapes. Lake Como, in particular, a jewel nestled in a mountain setting, boasts splendid villas and elegant seaside resorts on its shores. Lake Garda is the favourite destination for water sports enthusiasts who can enjoy windsurfing or water skiing during your group trip to Lombardy.

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