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For some, Santorini would be at the origin of the myth of Atlantis. This island of the Cyclades was indeed born from a violent volcanic eruption that would have generated a tidal wave and swallowed up the villages on the coast of Crete. Santorini's face was transformed and the island now encloses one of the largest caldera in the world. A superb landscape that alone justifies choosing Santorini for your group trip. But there are many more reasons to start with the climate of Santorini, which makes it one of the most pleasant destinations all year round. Santorini is very touristy and is served by an international airport with connections to Paris, London, Birmingham and Brussels. However, most flights only operate during the summer season. It is also possible to take your group to Santorini by ferry from Piraeus. The route is longer (between 8am and 11am), but the arrival on the island by sea offers a very beautiful spectacle that will leave nice memories for your group. Santorini has become very popular in recent years. Its hotels are often overcrowded, so it is advisable to go about it in advance to make sure you have a hotel for your group stay in Santorini. To make your work easier, Groupcorner has selected for you the best hotels for groups with a choice of charming or cheap accommodation.

Santorini surprises and fascinates by its geology. The work of the volcano is still very visible here with on one side high cliffs from 20 to 300 meters high flowing into the sea, and on the other side, an island that slopes gently towards the sea and grey sandy beaches. Your group will be seduced by these magnificent landscapes dotted with charming towns and villages. It is around the caldera that most of life in Santorini is concentrated, with towns and villages built on terraces. Most of these Santorini cities have superb views, starting with Fira, its capital, with a network of alleys, arcades and stairs. In the north of the island your group will not fail to do some selfies in front of Oia. This village with its white houses and blue-capped churches is one of the symbols of Greece, a real postcard village. The price of success is that the village is stormed during the summer. Do not let this prevent you from visiting it. Your group would probably regret not having seen Oia during your group stay in Santorini.

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