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The Peloponnesus Peninsula extends south of Athens. It occupies a central place in Greek history with major archaeological sites such as Olympia. If we add to this the charming villages and the coasts bathed by a turquoise sea, it is easy to understand why the Lonely Planet guide chose the Peloponnese as the destination of the year in 2016. During your group trip to the Peloponnese, your group will have many opportunities to share this choice. To get to the Peloponnese, you can land with your group at Kalamata Airport. The airport offers international flights to Paris, London, Brussels, Lille, Geneva, etc. However, most of these flights only operate during the summer season. If you wish to organize your group trip in low season, you will have to go through Athens. A popular tourist destination, the Peloponnese has a large hotel park, particularly in Nafplion. You will find all types of accommodation for your group on the peninsula: top-of-the-range hotels, cheap hotels for groups or club hotels with all-inclusive packages. The overall cost of living in the Peloponnese is lower than in the rest of Europe. You will therefore find cheap hotels for your group trip.

The Peloponnese has had a glorious past. This peninsula occupied a central place at the time when Greece dominated the Mediterranean. It has preserved an exceptional heritage from this period, such as the archaeological site of Olympia or the theatre of Epidaurus with its 14,000 seats. Your group can immerse itself in antiquity, but also in the Renaissance with the city of Nafplion with its Venetian influences or in the Byzantine remains of Mistra. The Peloponnese will also delight lovers of idleness in your group with its fine sandy beaches and wild coves bathed in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

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