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Each year, millions of tourists flock to Athens and discover ancient ruins and the glorious past of a city that was once the pinnacle of western civilization. In short, there is no problem finding accomodation for your group in Athens. The city has a plentiful choice of hotels and group accommodation. No matter the size of your budget, you can find a wide range of hotels for your company retreat, from luxury to economy. During July and August the hotels are filled with tourists and you'll need to plan at least a year in advance. To reach Athens, the simplest solution is to fly. Athens airport has flights from most major European airports. Ferries connect Athens to Italy in particular but these are often fully booked during the summer. It's important to plan early and book your spot.

The cradle of democracy, Athens is admired today for its illustrious history. For centuries, Athens shone as a beacon of enlightenment over the Mediterranean world. Athenian mathematicians and philosphers still influence our daily culture now. A symbol of its golden age, the Parthenon towers above the city on the Acropolis, flanked by the Erechtheum and the theater of Dyonisos. To better understand Greek antiquity, members of your group can visit the National Archeology Museum. Athens is not a dead city, however. It remains vibrant and thriving as evidenced by the maze of tiny streets filled with flowered balconies around the Acropolis and a uniquely dynamic atmosphere brining to mind a link between East and West. In the working-class neighborhoods, such as the ancient village of Plaka, there are bazaars dating from the Turkish empire. In this animated neighborhood, you can find budget hotels ideal for your group.

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