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Often considered as the cultural capital of Morocco, Fez proudly displays its historical heritage while preserving its authenticity. Its Medina, where more than 150,000 people live, is indeed a veritable labyrinth of narrow, dark and densely populated streets that make it the largest car-free urban area in the world! Even if the constant hubbub and disorder that prevails there sometimes requires a time of acclimatization, your group will not fail to fall under the spell of its squares sprinkled with fountains and its stalls with oriental scents. It alone justifies organizing your group stay in Fez. Fez offers a wide choice of hotels and accommodation for groups. While their prices are sometimes higher than in other parts of Morocco, these group hotels remain relatively cheap for visitors used to European rates. According to your desires and your budget, your group will choose between the noisy Medina or the new Fez, quieter and cheap hotels. Fez-Saïss airport makes Fez easy to reach from anywhere. It offers scheduled flights to many European cities.

The Medina is of course Fez's first asset. It was also the first site in Morocco to be classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The pleasure of the Medina is above all to lose oneself in a maze of alleys lined with artisanal shops and punctuated by fountains. However, your group will not fail to visit the Karaouiyine mosque and university, one of the largest mosques in Africa and the oldest university in the world still in operation, or the traditional tanners' district. The new Fez has only a new name. It is 700 years old! Participants in your group trip can admire the lush Bou Djeloud garden as well as the Royal Palace or the wrought iron balconies of Rue des Mérinides.

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