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Your group stay in Madeira

Its nicknames alone sum up the charms of Madeira Island: the Atlantic Garden, the Flower Island, etc. Off the coast of Morocco and Portugal, this island offers a paradisiacal natural setting which makes it a very popular tourist destination. It therefore has an airport in Santa Cruz which offers connections with many major European cities including London, Lisbon, Lyon and Amsterdam. It will therefore be easy to get there with your group on your group trip to Madeira. Be careful about dates though: several air links to Madeira only operate during the summer period. With its 250,000 inhabitants, Madeira is sparsely populated. It still offers a wide range of accommodation for your group stay in Madeira. Depending on your preferences, you can take your group to the most unspoilt areas of Madeira, stay in a group hotel in Funchal, the island's capital, or choose a hotel in the seaside resorts in the west of Madeira.

Madeira Island is a natural beauty. Participants on your group trip to Madeira will fall under the spell of this island covered with lush green flora that can be discovered while hiking along the coastline or on the paths leading to the island's peaks. And if there are some in your group who don't want to go hiking, Madeira invites you to go surfing and board sports with some very popular spots. And for the less sporty, Madeira's beaches and coves offer a heavenly setting for lazing around. Cable cars have also been designed for them. From several points on the island, cable cars take you to the heights of Madeira in just a few minutes and will offer your group magnificent views of this wild and green island whose mild climate alone justifies the organization of your group's stay.

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