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Whether for a business meeting, conference, school trip, family getaway, spiritual retreat or sports competition, there are many reasons to take a trip in a group. Finding accommodation that satisfies the needs and tastes of all, but also meets a predefined budget is not easy to do. Confronted with an overcrowded range of offers, organising your quotes and making sure that the hotel, apartment-hotel or holiday village meets all your criteria, then actually finalising and managing the booking with payment and rooming lists can be an arduous task. Groupcorner has already done most of the work for you and saves you valuable time.

Of the thousands of accommodation choices we have listed in France and Europe, we have selected options to meet every need, whether for a small group at a teambuilding weekend, or a business seminar for hundreds of employees. In the heart of major French cities or European capitals, we have selected hotels to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels to economical options. In the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, we offer accommodation as varied as campsites, holiday villages or group lodges. We even have unusual and unique places to stay for an original experience. There is something for everyone, every need, and every budget.

Our travel notes

Traveling to Strasbourg

Strasbourg can be reached via plane, train or car; some modes of transport are more convenient according to your place of origin.

The Strasbourg Entzheim international airport is located 10 km away from the inner centre, which can be reached thanks to shuttles that take you to the Central railway station in 9 minutes. Purchasing a combined ticket will allow you to then use the tramway network, which operates until 10 or 11 PM according to the days of the week. Domestic of international lines allow you to fly to Strasbourg.
Taking the train is a good option, as Strasbourg is well connected to the European railway network. It will take you just 2h25 to reach the European capital from Paris, or 4h30 from Brussels. The Central railway station is located a few steps away from the historical centre.
If you live in the neighboring regions, driving to Strasbourg can turn out to be a winning choice. If you cannot charter a whole bus for your group trip, try the regular bus lines that have been developing since the liberalization of the sector started- you will get affordable rates.

Hotels of all standards for all kinds of groups

WIth 770,000 inhabitants, Strasbourg ranks among the 10 biggest urban areas in France, and is definitely one of the most dynamic cities in the North-East. Obviously, as it hosts the European Parliament as well as numerous international organizations, it was dubbed the "Capital city of The European Union". It is no wonder that Strasbourg has so many hotels fully equipped for group accommodation. Let's take a tour of the main districts. Strasbourg's throbbing heart is located in a medieval ellipsis-shaped island around the Ill river, including such landmarks as the gothic Cathedral and Place Kléber. Westwards from the inner centre, you get to the Central railway station district, which mixes ancient with contemporary architecture. Southwards, Krutenau and Esplanande are both lively student districts. On the Western tip of the on the historical "island", which ranks among Unesco's World Heritage spots, the picturesque "Petite France" quarter casts its spell on tourists, with its canals, half-timbered houses and "winstub" restaurants. Eastwards, on the opposite side, the "Conseil des Quinze" area is encompassed in the Imperial "Neustadt" district, an expansion that was created at end-XIXth century. It harbors the European institutions - Parliament and Council - and the Orangerie Park; the city's biggest green area is posh and sought-after. Even farther East, Wacken is a developing international business area hosting the city's Convention and Exhibition Centre. Groupcorner helps you find the right group accommodation, perfectly suiting your needs in terms of location and facilities.

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