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Discreet and esoteric, Ljubljana is not the first destination that comes to mind you are organizing a city break for your group. Surprise!... this city has all the charms to beguile your group members. Although an average-sized city compared to big European capitals, Ljubljana boasts an international airport with regular flights to the main cities of Europe. Easily accessible by plane, Ljubljana is also reached by bus, car or train, around one hour from Italy, Croatia and Austria. Be careful when you arrive in Ljubljana, however. Motor vehicle traffic is limited in the city center and bikes are favored. Ljubljana has a wide choice of hotels and accommodation for groups of all budgets. While prices have risen in recent years, Slovenia and Ljubljana remain cheap compared to neighboring Italy and Austria. On the Groupcorner website you will have no trouble finding a budget hotel to organize your annual association group trip to Ljubljana.

Relatively unknown, Ljubljana is always a pleasant surprise to discover. It's one of the greenest cities in Europe thanks to its many parks and a strict limitation on motor vehicles. The verdant banks of the Ljubljanica, lined with sidewalk cafés, bars and restaurants, are exclusively reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. Members of your group can go for a leisurely walk during your company retreat. Ljublajana offers an elegant mix of architectural styles, from the medieval old town to the Baroque St. Nicholas Cathedral to the Art Nouveau Bridge of Dragons. Enthusiasts of architecture and art in your company retreat or meeting will love simply walking around the city. To behold the entire city in its glory, climb the tower of Ljubljana Castle for a superb 360 degree panorama. However beautiful it may be, the main attraction of Ljubljana is the quality of genuine good living that can be felt. Each evening, the many bars and restaurants dazzle with live music, awash in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Your group will not fail to be entertained and delighted.

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