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Poland was marked by tragedy throughout the 20th century with Nazi and Soviet occupations, but fortune seems to have smiled on the country during the 21st century, bringing a booming economy and incredible energy. The inhabitants of the countryside remain nevertheless deeply attached to their traditions. It's a wonderful opportunity to organize your company meeting or club trip to Poland. Your group can fly to Poland easily. Warsaw is well connected to all the capitals and major European cities. Krakow also has an international airport, though with less destinations. Train and coach are also practical alternatives. The road network, which was already one of the best in the Soviet bloc, has continued to improve. Traveling to Poland is therefore simple. In terms of accommodation, Poland offers a wide choice of hotels for groups, especially in its two main cities, Warsaw and Krakow. However, if your group prefers the bucolic atmosphere of the Polish countryside, it's possible to find hotels or accommodation for groups throughout Poland. On the Groupcorner website you will find hotels for every budget all over the country.

If you want to organize your school trip in an urban setting, two beautiful cities beckon in Poland : Warsaw and Krakow. The first was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Thanks to the energy and courage of its inhabitants, Warsaw has regained its former glory, and the Royal Way is once again one of the most beautiful avenues in Europe. Krakow survived the war intact and has preserved a superb architectural legacy that will captivate your group. If the members of your group are more attracted to the countryside, the Tatra Mountains are an invitation to hike in the Polish Carpathians and the Mazures lakes, connected by canals and rivers can be navigated by boat, kayak or canoe. The natural beauty of Poland will please the participants in your team retreat that love outdoor sports.

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