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Your group stay in Rotterdam

Completely destroyed during the war, Rotterdam no longer has a historic centre. What would be a lack in some cities has become an asset for the second largest city in the Netherlands. Indeed, freed from the constraints of preserving a historical heritage, contemporary architects have been able to have a great time in Rotterdam, building buildings and bridges with resolutely modern forms. Your group will be surprised and seduced by this city with its futuristic design. However, architecture is not the only advantage of Rotterdam for organizing your group trip. Rotterdam is the largest commercial port in Europe and is very well located. The Dutch motorway network therefore makes it easy to reach it. However, if you wish to fly there for your group stay, The Hague - Rotterdam Airport offers flights to a large number of European cities. On the accommodation side, the city has a vast hotel park with hotels for groups for all budgets and all desires. On the Groupcorner website, you will therefore have no difficulty in finding accommodation for your group in Rotterdam.

Sometimes referred to as Manhattan of the Netherlands, Rotterdam will surprise the members of your group with its modern and bold architecture, the emblem of which is the cable-stayed Erasmus bridge that connects the two shores of the New Meuse. Among the most recent and original buildings in Rotterdam, do not miss the covered market, Markthal, with its rounded shapes and gigantic frescoed ceiling. It is also a very fashionable place to live in Rotterdam. You can take your group to eat there during your group stay in Rotterdam. Rotterdam deserves to be admired most at night when electric lights illuminate its all-glass and steel buildings. If your group includes photographers, they can have a great time. Others will enjoy Rotterdam's nightlife with its many restaurants with cosy or trendy atmospheres depending on your group's preferences.

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Your works council with Groupcorner

We may meet every morning at the coffee machine, but we don't always know our colleagues. There is nothing like a group trip to (re)discover the people you work with on a daily basis. Far from the company's environment, we get to know each other. To organize these group trips, works councils can rely on Groupcorner. Once the destination has been chosen, all that remains is to select an accommodation to accommodate the group.


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