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When you think of the Netherlands, the first images are the tulip fields or the canals of Amsterdam. We often know less about the eastern part of the country. However, Eindhoven offers many advantages that justify organizing your group trip to the Netherlands. Ideally located, not far from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, Eindhoven is easily accessible by road. If you prefer to fly, however, the city has an international airport that serves several major European cities. While Eindhoven is not the country's leading tourist destination, it does have a varied hotel park with both luxury hotels and cheap accommodation for groups. According to your desires and needs, you will find the hotel that suits your group on the Groupcorner website.

Eindhoven owes its fame to the Philipps brand which has its headquarters there. Not surprisingly, then, that this city is a city of lights. Every year, during the Glow Eindhoven festival, artists exhibit luminous installations all over the city. These installations highlight the modern architecture of Eindhoven. If you can, organizing your group trip to Eindhoven during this festival will allow your group to discover the city under its most beautiful assets. During your group stay in Eindhoven, your group will appreciate the dynamism of this great living city with, in particular, Stratumseind Street, the longest "night" street in the Benelux with 54 restaurants. The brown cafés on Wilhemina Square offer a more cosy atmosphere for a drink on the terrace or for an evening to live music. In keeping with its contemporary architecture, the city houses a very beautiful museum of modern and contemporary art, the Van Abbe Museum. Art lovers in your group will be thrilled to admire the works of Picasso, Chagall or Mondrian.

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