Your group trip in Lithuania

Like its Baltic neighbors, Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania remains an undiscovered destination. For now, Lithuania is not a major tourist attraction and enjoys quiet anonymity. No doubt it won't be long until it's discovered. Organizing your company meeting will be a great opportunity to visit while the country still has its charming authenticity. To get there, flying is the most popular means of transport. Vilnius is an international airport, but unfortunately direct flights are few, so expect a stopover. If your destination is in northern Lithuania, it may be better to land in Riga, Latvia, not far from the border. Depending on where your group comes from, you can also choose to travel by train or coach. Lithuania sets on the eastern border of Poland. To accommodate your group, Lithuania offers a wide choice of hotels. However, Vilnius and the coastline have the largest selection of hotels suitable for groups. While the cost of living is not very high in Lithuania compared to the rest of Europe, hotels along the Baltic Sea coast are the most expensive in the country.

Bringing your group on a corporate retreat or weekend away in Lithuania is a genuine change of scenery. The country only recently opened to the outside world and has preserved a unique culture and lifestyle. You will discover a pleasant country that offers landscapes of both lakes and forests with a breathtaking coastline, punctuated by seaside resorts with old-fashioned charm. The Curonian Spit, where dunes and pine forests meet, is perhaps the best place to enjoy the Baltic Sea air. Inland, your group will enjoy walking around the old town of Vilnius, the largest in Eastern Europe. Don't miss the hill of crosses, an astonishing pilgrimage site featuring thousands of statues, carvings and crosses brought by pilgrims since the 1800's. Your tourist or church group can claim the privilege of having been to the center of Europe. North of Vilnius near the village of Girija is a monument built on the spot which the IGN (French National Geographic Institute) has determined is the precise center of the European continent.

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