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Reykjavik is the northernmost capital in the world. This special honor characterizes both the unconventional mood of the city and the tangible consequence of dark months of winter followed by summers of midnight sun. More than any other capital in the world, Reykjavik lives according to the seasons. If spring and summer are the most pleasant time to visit, with very long days, winter has serious advantages too since one can hope to admire the aurora borealis. The simplest way to get to Reykjavik as a group is by plane. Reykjavik Airport offers frequent connections with the rest of Europe's major cities. It's possible to reach Iceland by boat; a nice trip but so much longer and so much more expensive! On the Groupcorner website you can easily find a hotel or accommodation to organize your annual running club or rugby team trip. Groupcorner has selected the best hotels for groups and your client advisor will help you get the best rates, but be aware that the cost of living in Iceland is very high and accommodation in Reykjavik costs more than other European capitals.

The main attraction when traveling to Iceland is often to explore the mesmerizing landscapes. Don't skip over Reykjavik however! Your group will fall in love with this small capital city filled with colorful facades and walls decorated with street graffiti. If your group has history buffs, they will appreciate Viking and Medieval Reykjavik. If they are more interested in contemporary art, the beautiful Harpa concert hall or Hallgrímskirkja church should delight them. Don't miss the magnificent public gardens where the works of the sculptor Einar Jónsson are on display. What everyone remembers most about Reykjavik is the friendly and welcoming inhabitants. Strike up a conversation -- your birdwatchers society or hiking club trip to Reykjavik will experience magic moments the members of your group will never forget.

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