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Your group stay in Brandenburg

All around Berlin lie the landscapes of Brandenburg, punctuated by lakes and forests. So, during your group trip in Brandenburg, you can choose to stay in the quiet countryside or in the hustle and bustle of Berlin. To travel to Brandenburg with your group on your group trip, you can of course use the excellent German motorway network that connects Berlin to the rest of the country. If, however, you would like to fly with your group, Berlin Airport is connected to most major European cities. As for accommodation, Brandenburg offers a wide range of hotels to organise your group stay. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you will probably opt for Brandenburg's vast expanse of countryside. If, however, you want to be at the heart of life, it is in Berlin that you will lead your group.

Your group will be seduced by these very natural landscapes that are ideal for hiking, cycling and canoeing. The Spreewald region, in particular, with its rivers and canals, invites you to take beautiful walks along the river. On the cultural side, the region has been marked by the presence of German sovereigns, which has left it a rich heritage of castles and residences, the most beautiful example of which is Potsdam. This city of royal residence is home to some Baroque treasures, including the superb castles of Sanssouci. An excellent alternative to stay in a sumptuous setting during your group trip to Brandenburg.

Your sport meeting with Groupcorner

The passion for sports or a sporting event can take your team or club far from home, sometimes even to other European countries. It’s not always easy to host all members of a club or sports association at the same place. Groupcorner has the solution for you. In major French cities and European capitals, we have selected hotels, youth hostels, campsites or holiday villages that are perfectly adapted to welcoming sporting groups. You can choose not only from large cities, but also beach, countryside and mountain destinations.


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