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Your group stay in Stará Boleslav

Having become a place of pilgrimage following the martyrdom of Saint Wenceslas, the small town of Stará Boleslav is an ideal destination for your group trip. Only 30 kilometres from Prague, the city is easily accessible from the heart of the capital of the Czech Republic. You can therefore fly there from Prague International Airport. It is then easy to reach Stará Boleslav by public transport. To stay, you can choose between a hotel near Stará Boleslav or group accommodation in Prague. Prague has a large hotel park with accommodation for all budgets. If you prefer to stay in Stará Boleslav, do not forget that on 28 September celebrations in honour of Saint Wenceslas take place in Stará Boleslav. At this time, hotels are in high demand and it is advisable to book in advance.

Stará Boleslav is a very old place of pilgrimage dating back to the death of Saint Wenceslas, patron saint of the Czechs. The Baroque church of Stará Boleslav houses a sacred object called Palladium, a symbol of the country's protection. It is a copper medal representing the Madonna of Stará Boleslav and which Saint Wenceslas wore when he died in Stará Boleslav. A "holy path" links Stará Boleslav to Prague. It is marked by 44 baroque chapels decorated with frescoes. This route now follows the route of the old road linking Prague and Stará Boleslav. Your group members will probably enjoy discovering this path during your group stay in Stará Boleslav.

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