When the Spaniards organize their seminary in Spain ...

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You organize a seminary(seminar)? A professional journey in a group is always an adventure. To conjugate escape and entrepreneurial spirit is a learned dosage. When the time has come to get a breath of fresh air to weld better the teams, we can trust the Spaniards. Specialists in user-friendliness(conviviality), they are also big lovers of their country. For their seminaries(seminars) of company, our European neighbors bet on the urban nuggets which mesh their territory. Then follow the local guides, in a few hours only of the office(desk). This is the official classification(ranking) of the destinations the most approved by a large majority by the Spanish companies customers of Groupcorner in Spain.

1. Madrid - To keep the spirit business

With his central artery, Gran Vía, which calls back the New York architecture, its mythical soccer stadium Santiago Bernabéu and its royal palace, the Spanish capital did not steal the first place of the ideal cities to amaze your collaborators. We have so much never liked mixing work and shopping.

2. Barcelona - To find itself

Adored by the tourists of the whole world, the most French of the Spanish cities (more than 85.000 French people are installed there) present all the assets of a metropolis, with feet in the water. Museos the day, discotecas at night. But yes, it leaves some time for the conferences of the coach ...

3. Valencia - To be inspired

Economic and cultural lung of the Mediterranean Coast, the third most big city of Spain makes you lose your marks in a timeless dive, between old stones and futuristic neo-districts. Along the fishing ports of the community of Valencia (similar to our PACA), do not forget to taste the authentic paella valenciana.

4. Seville - To change suit

One of the destinations the most appreciated of the South of Europe melted the lovers of history and of relaxed rhythm of life. When you sink under the greyness, not to take advantage soft Andalusian winters would be as not to put a RTT the week of May 8th.

5. Málaga - to rest (some on the others?

Good named Costa del Sol knows how to reward you to have come until her. His unique light, its palm trees and its fine sand beaches invite in a very saving grip of backward movement. And the tournament of beach volleyball establishes the most effective of team high rises!

Spain tightens you arms. Privileged destination of the Spanish entrepreneurs, who know perfectly the assets of their territory, it is at the same time accessible and convenient to the creativity. She offers all that is needed escapade and comfort to take all the box in seminary.

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