The weight of transport for the groups: figures unstick

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Since a few months, Groupcorner proposes to his customers a quite new service. For your seminary or your journey in a group, the start-up manages not only the reservation of your accommodation of group, but also that of your transport. 

Hundreds of demands were handled already and the team of Groupcorner was able to extract some interesting statistics. Here is exclusively the part represented by every collective means of transportation in the reservations made with the platform: 

#1 The plane ✈️: for 43 % of the journeys in a group 

#2 The coach 🚌: 39 % 

#3 The train 🚅: 18 % 

#4 The boat 🚢: 0 % (sic)

In other words the customers favor either the speed (plane), or the low price (bus). And when we know that time is money, in the end, it is well an economic arbitration. 

Then, to win even more time and make the reservation of your accommodation of group and your collective transport at the best price, appeal to Groupcorner!

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