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Groupcorner is the leading European accommodation booking platform dedicated to groups

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Just tell us what you need. With one click, send your request to the accommodations that answer your requirements.
Discover and compare the offers received. Converse with the accommodations owners to ask them for details or negotiate.
Finalize your booking with the hotel of your choice.
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Groupcorner brings together thousands of hotels and other hosting solutions -

all set to send you online tailored offers. 

Groupcorner has selected hotels, holiday cottages and inns all over France and Europe. You can browse through thousands of places located in the European capital cities or the major French cities - not to mention tourist spots on the seaside, in the montains or in the countryside. There is no doubt that you will find just the right kind of accommodation, whether you wish to dwell in the city center or in easy to reach areas on the outskirts.
Groupcorner’s selection will delight all tastes and budgets – with hotels ranking from 1 to 5 stars, original establishments, boutique hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Appart’Hotels, and so on. Looking for a hosting solution in Paris, London, Rennes or Sète? Wherever you go, Groupcorner is the perfect solution for your group!

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Whatever the size of your family reunion, whatever your budget, Groupcorner supports you all the way through your search for the right hosting solution – hotels, cottages, youth hostels… With Groupcorner it is easy to find the hotels that can welcome your family or friends, no matter the size of your group. It is also easy to visualize the vacancies for the accommodations.
What is more, Groupcorner can negotiate the rates for you, all for free - a solution that helps your group save not just money, but also time and energy! You can book the hotel of your choice directly. Organizing your family reunion or getting together with friends has never been easier!

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How to find the perfect accommodation for

my school or student trip with Groupcorner?

1 – I browse and select partner hotels

In the Groupcorner selection spanning thousands of establishments, I select up to 6 places that suit my family reunion. Groupcorner offers hotels, holiday cottages and youth hostels all over France and Europe. In order to make the selection I can either explore the Groupcorner offers by myself, checking the required facilities, or I can let Groupcorner do this for me thanks to the “Express quote request”. All I have to do is describe what my family or friends need - the Groupcorner team will select the hotels that are just right for us.

2 – I compare quotes and exchange with hotels

Once I have completed my selection, I send my request for quotes to all hotels with just one click. Within 48 hours, I receive the quotes in my online account. I can also ask the hotel booking service further questions to prepare my family or friends reunion. The hotel provides me with more detail about the hotel rooms and their arrangement, the possibility to organize banquets, the lounge corners… It is therefore easy to plan a family banquet or any kind of group activity to make the occasion even more special! What is more, the hotel provides me with key information on the services and sightseeing opportunities offered either on the premises or in the neighborhood – culture, sports, monuments – not to mention the restaurants… In short, I enjoy a tailor-made service!

3 – I pick a place and I book it

Now that I have all the information in hand to compare the quotes, all I have to do is pick the perfect accommodation for my family or my friends. To secure the booking presented in the latest quote, I pay the hotel directly with a deposit. As for the service provided by Groupcorner, it remains totally free.

With very little effort, I have found the perfect accommodation to set up my get-together with friends of family. All is settled, from the hotel to the meals… I am awaiting the event with confidence!

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