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Groupcorner checks and qualifies each sales lead to send you valid quote requests that match your property.

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Partners are priority! We contact a select few properties for each quote request to increase your chance of booking and improve your sales conversion rate.

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No fees or extra charges:  our sole source of revenue is 10% commission on paid bookings.

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All payments are made through our secure online payment platform that lets you track payments in real time from the moment the client has paid.

You decide payment and cancellation terms

You fix your prices and provide your booking terms and conditions for each quote. The booking contract is signed directly by the client and your property.

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Become a Groupcorner partner and get access to our simple and powerful platform to manage group quotes and increase sales.

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Every day, hundreds of groups visit our website looking for accommodation.

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Our experienced Groupcorner advisors check and qualify each request

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We send you an email alert, 

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 You exchange by direct message in a chatroom with the client to provide information and negotiate.

Step 5

The client likes your quote and confirms the booking in the chatroom on Groupcorner;  you fill out a payment schedule online and upload the pro-forma invoice.

Step 6

Groupcorner follows up on the booking and secures payment*.
* If your hotel is in the euro zone and has joined the secure online payment program.

Client experiences

(Youth hostel in France)

« Thanks to early marketing and Groupcorner, Jo&Joe was able to sell hundreds of room nights before it opened. Groupcorner automatically refers Jo&Joe hostels 6 to 8 months before the opening of each property. »

Etienne Matichard
Director of Sales and Distribution

Hotel Progress
(Hotel in Belgium)

« Groupcorner is a very good partner who sends us well targeted requests for which the confirmation rate is much higher than that of other partners of the same type. The platform is very well designed with an efficient and professional team. Very nice collaboration! »

Nathalie Ermgodts
Senior Groups & Events

Sun & Moon
(Youth hostel in Spain)

« Groupcorner is a very simple to use platform that is easy to track! You can give "no obligation" booking availabilities. In the event of a problem, Groupcorner helps you quickly and efficiently. »

Hina Kishnani
Responsable for group bookings

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