Eurostars Angli

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60 Carrer d'Anglí 08017 Barcelona, Spain

+44 (0)20 3318 3609

description Eurostars Angli :

Welcome to a world of illusion. If you haven't seen the Anglo, you haven't seen anything yet.

Funny Oniric Bold Circuit Breaker This is Eurostars Anglí, a design hotel in Barcelona located in the upper part of Barcelona which, in an environment of great tranquility and comfort, breaks with the schemes of the classic aesthetics of the hotels. If you have not yet seen the Eurostars Anglí hotel, you have not yet seen anything, because walking through your door means entering a world of imagination: a hotel with graffiti, a bathroom integrated in the room, with floors imitating the green meadows of Ireland...

We have only given an orientation to the exclusive team of interior designers who designed the hotel's interiors: be realistic, ask for the impossible. Thus was born Eurostars Anglí, an exercise where reality did not hinder the free imagination of creators.

Beyond design and innovation, Eurostars Anglí is characterised by its exclusive tranquility. Located at the top of the Sarriá district, a particularly quiet area at the foot of Tibidabo Mountain, the hotel offers small specialities such as a relaxation pool surrounded by grass.


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86 - 283 per room, per night

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