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Behind its image as a smooth country, Switzerland is not lacking in relief. This small country nestled in the heart of the Alps has many reasons to visit it. The first is its splendid mountains, which rise to more than 4000 metres. Among these idyllic landscapes, Switzerland is home to cities that play an important role far beyond the country's borders, such as Geneva, home to more than 200 international organisations, or Zurich, the hub of international finance. Between the popular ski resorts that cling to its snow-capped peaks and these cosmopolitan metropolises, Switzerland has everything you need to welcome groups and organise group trips. Its main cities have many hotels and accommodation for groups. Unless you prefer to organize your group trip on the snow-covered slopes of one of the prestigious and quite expensive Swiss ski resorts of Gstaad, Davos and Saint-Moritz or choose, at a better price, a bucolic environment with a traditional chalet in one of the green valleys that cross the country. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, a city well served by air or the possibility of combining your group stay with the pleasure of winter sports, Groupcorner has selected for you hundreds of accommodations and hotels for groups across the country.

In Switzerland, mountains are everywhere and will offer you a magnificent setting for your group trip. However, the country's charms are not limited to its snow-covered peaks. On the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva boasts a beautiful historic centre worth a visit and a lively nightlife. Zurich, on the other hand, deserves better than its image as a financial capital with a rich architectural heritage and a charming old town, a maze of alleys dotted with more than 1000 fountains. This city, which saw the birth of the Dada movement, also has interesting museums that bear witness to its artistic past. However, some will prefer Berne to them. Although the city is the capital of Switzerland, it has a provincial charm in its cobbled streets. All three have many hotels suitable for groups. Be careful, the cost of living is generally higher than in neighbouring countries. Also, if Groupcorner has chosen luxury and top-of-the-range accommodation for you, you will also find low-cost hotels in our suggestions.

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