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Sweden is not lacking in charm. In addition to its wild landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, it is also home to pretty places to live where life is good, just like its capital Stockholm. It is easy to reach its main cities by plane or train and there are enough hotels and accommodation for groups to organise your group in Sweden. However, if you wanted to take your group to the heart of Sweden's vast landscape, to the shores of one of the country's many lakes or to the far north, transport is scarcer and it is better to be motorized. It is easy to reach Sweden by car, as Sweden is linked to Denmark and the continent by the Öresund bridge. Away from the big cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö, however, hotels for groups full of charm await you for a return to nature experience.

With 10 million inhabitants for 450,000 km², Sweden gives you space to breathe. In the image of its capital. Stockholm is indeed a very airy, natural and green capital, built on 13 islands linked by bridges. With its vast and unspoilt landscapes, Sweden is an ideal destination for groups wishing to enjoy outdoor activities and hiking. A boat trip to the shores of the Bohuslän, a ride with sled dogs in Lapland or the luxury of admiring the Northern Lights are just some of the pleasures Sweden has in store for you. But the country is also rich in history with exciting cities, still very present Viking folklore and superb castles that dot the country. Whether your group members are passionate about sport or culture, Sweden always has something to offer them.

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