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Ever since Bram Stoker made it the setting for his novel Count Dracula, Romania has enjoyed an ominous reputation it hardly deserves. Affordable and welcoming, Romania offers beautiful wild landscapes and a fascinating history, along with many surprises to delight your group. Take advantage of undiscovered Romania's bargain prices and organize your corporate retreat or team holiday before it's too late. The best way to reach this jewel nestled on the shores of the Black Sea, at the edge of Europe, is by plane. The main airport is in Bucharest, with flights to major European cities. If you plan to take your group touring on the west side of the country, Cluj-Napoca airport is more convenient. Bucharest is Romania's best-equipped city for hotels and group accommodation. The Romanian coastline, once known as the Riviera of the Soviet bloc, also has a wide variety of large hotels for organizing your leisure group tour or club trip. The cost of accommodation for groups in Romania is relatively low-priced, but does vary with seasons, particularly on the shores of the Black Sea.

At the crossroads of the Byzantine, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian cultures, Romania is an astonishing country, with deep traditions. Bucharest is a big city teeming with life, but the rest of the country is filled with quiet landscapes of green hills and serene mountains. The Carpathians, lying in the shadow of the famous Count Dracula castle of Bran, will delight outdoor lovers of hiking and water sports within your group. The monasteries of Bukovina, classified by UNESCO, will amaze architecture and history lovers. Whatever your passions, Groupcorner has chosen the perfect hotels and accommodations for your group's holiday or company meeting throughout the country, from the Hungarian border to the ancient treasures of Constanţa. The coast of the Black Sea and city of Bucharest experienced a real estate boom under the Soviet regime, but the rest of the country remains largely rural, untamed and preserved. At times you feel you've travelled back to the last century, except the horse and carriage drivers have cell phones. Let your group be enraptured by this magnificent country before it becomes a trendy tourist destination, which may happen fast.

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