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Since their independence, the Baltic States have aroused great curiosity among travelers hoping to discover new places and intriguing cultures. Riga is yet untouched by the mass tourism that has transformed Prague or Budapest. This is a good thing. For now at least, Latvia and its capital Riga can offer the authentic charm of an undiscovered destination that will delight the members of your club or association. The cost of living in Latvia remains lower than in the rest of Europe. It should be easy for you to find beautiful hotels for groups at affordable rates. Groupcorner can help you take advantage of a wide selection of hotels especially suitable for groups. Because of its location on the far border of Europe, the best way to reach Latvia is undoubtedly to fly. Riga Airport has connections with some 50 major cities in Europe.

One of Latvia's main attractions is its untouched natural loveliness. This small country has managed to preserve architecture and local culture in a way that will appeal to your tourist group or sports travel group. Riga is an excellent starting point for a visit to Latvia. Displaying German and Russian influences, Riga is a city where it's easy to stroll and wander about. As you leave the capital, Latvia opens vistas of immense forests and fascinating caves, such as the Gutmanis and Viktors caves. You should explore the coastline dotted with pretty seaside resorts where you can find hotel group accommodation right on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The most popular area is Jurmala, a coastal strip comprised of several seaside resorts. It's the perfect place to go for a walk in the dunes or enjoy seafood at a restaurant. Be careful, if you drive, to stop at the bridget and pay the toll to enter Jurmala – there is a big fine for vehicles that don't pay. Inland, the members of your group who enjoy hiking will not want to miss a ramble in the beautiful valley of Gauja where medieval castles stand watch from above.

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