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In recent years, Budapest has become one of the most popular cities for city breaks or trips with friends. This amazing city has many attractions to tempt visitors and is a popular destination for organizing your group birthday celebration. With direct flights from major European cities, including low-cost flights, Budapest is an easy-to-reach city. Because of its central location in Europe, it's also quick and easy to travel by train or car. When it comes to accommodation, Budapest offers hundreds of places to stay for groups, ranging from cheap hostels to luxurious 5-star hotels. There will be something for every need and every budget. In general, there are more hotels on the Pest side of the plain than on the Buda hill across the Danube.

Divided by the Danube, which slices the city between Buda Hill and the Pest lowlands, Budapest is a fascinating city with an elegant blend of architectural styles ranging from Baroque to neoclassical art nouveau. Thanks to its central position in Europe, Budapest has been at the crossroads of varied cultures whose influences are still seen today, from the sophistication of the Habsburg palaces to the luxury of the bathhouses, a legacy of the Ottoman Empire. Budapest is certainly a city of water with over a hundred hot springs and thermal baths ranging in style from oriental to art nouveau - the members of your group can enjoy experiencing the Hungarian tradition of relaxing in pools, steam rooms and saunas.

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Showing France or Europe to a group of tourists is a big job. You need to juggle transportation, sightseeing tours and restaurants but especially find the right accommodation. Groupcorner can provide expert help with at least this last task. We have pre-selected for you a wide choice of hotels near major French and European tourist sites, whether they are major European capitals or the inevitable stop on any tourist circuit, like Mont Saint-Michel, Oxford university or Alhambra.


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