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It's been several decades since the fall of the iron curtain, yet Bulgaria remains a bit disconnected from the rest of Europe. Anchored on the shores of the Black Sea, Bulgaria shares borders with continental Europe and also Asia. It's a shame that many travelers and tourists overlook the fascinations of Bulgaria. It offers many attractions when it comes to organizing a group trip or friends weekend. The cost of living is a primary advantage. Hotels and accommodation for groups in Bulgaria are significantly cheaper than in the rest of Europe. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are in Sofia or the seaside resorts on the shores of the Black Sea. The rest of the country offers hotels and accommodation for economy-minded groups. Groupcorner has selected for you the best hotels in Bulgaria according to your preferences and budget. To travel to Bulgaria with your group, Sofia Airport is the main gateway although the airports of Varna and Burgas also feature international flights during the summer season.

The big cities, especially Sofia, have transformed in recent years. Bulgaria remains a mostly rural country and sometimes it seems Bulgarians are stuck in the 19th century. As you explore the pristine countryside of Bulgaria you can discover Byzantine monasteries and monumental ruins. Your nature lovers group can appreciate the beauty of the unspoiled countryside and enjoy the hospitality of its inhabitants. Corporate groups will not want to miss Sofia, the lively capital, but Veliko Tarnovo, a lovely medieval town built by the Tsars on the Yandra river, is worth discovering too. The Rila Monastery is the most famous and important Bulgarian renovation work of the 19th century and a UNESCO world heritage site. If your group is more attracted to the coastal region, the shores of the Black Sea are lined with pleasant seaside resorts with sandy beaches and small coves.

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