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Austria lies in the heart of Europe, a mountainous country filled with reminders of the great era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A rich tradition of art and architecture testify to an exceptional historical past. To begin exploring Austria, Vienna is the most obvious destination and the largest airport in the country. Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Innsbruck also have international airports but do not offer as many connections as Vienna. Likewise if you arrive by train, Vienna is an important hub in Austria. If, finally, you prefer to take your group by coach or minibus, it is quite easy to reach the main cities of Austria. Don't forget that Austria is a country of high mountains, including the Alps. From autumn to spring, you will likely find snow-covered roads. Take some time to plan your itinerary carefully. Vienna has recently become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city offers a wide range of hotels and accommodation for groups. Other cities also have many alternatives for group accommodation in Austria. Groupcorner has selected for you the best solutions with both luxury hotels and budget accommodation for groups travelling in Austria.

Austria is both an outdoors destination and a center for art and historical sites. From the Habsburgs, Austria inherited a lavish architectural tradition. This is particularly visible in the palaces of Vienna, but also in Innsbruck or in the fortress of Salzburg. The refinement of this glorious era is also expressed in music and the arts. This is the country of Mozart and Klimt. Classical music festivals punctuate the Austrian year. The most famous take place in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. If Vienna is a sumptuous city, the main attraction of Austria remains its breathtaking landscapes, featuring majestic mountains, especially in the Tyrol. Here you will find hotels for groups in the ski resorts of Kitzbühel or Mayrhofen. Delightful villages in the valleys with traditional wood chalets and flowered balconies in summer await your group. So many reasons make Austria the perfect choice to organize your company retreat or corporate meeting. The participants in your art and music society or birdwatchers club will find outstanding museums, memorable concerts, and amazing hiking or skiing.

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