Stop wasting time searching for group accommodation for clients

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Get access to 23,000 group accommodation solutions

Matching the needs and budget of your clients. Book your groups anywhere in France and Europe

Save time

No more searching, phone calls, emails and follow ups . . . obtain quotes quickly and easily, to send your best proposals to clients faster!

You are in control

Negotiate, send messages, sign contracts directly with the accommodation. Make sure every detail of your clients’ stay is perfect

Groupcorner Pro: a loyalty program for agencies

Groupcorner is a world leader in group accommodation bookings with over 3,000 requests qualified by our team each month and more than 23,000 European accommodations in our listings. We propose a hand-picked selection to your agency thanks to our technology and market expertise.

So simple : in just a few clicks, create your Groupcorner Pro account and enjoy access to:

  • Top market expertise at your fingertips: simple, free and no obligation. Stop whenever you wish.

  • A network of over 23,000 group accommodation listings across Europe.

  • Personalized assistance when you need it from Groupcorner Pro advisors, with quotes for services perfectly tailored to your client needs.

  • Group accommodation offers provided in just a few hours on your Groupcorner Pro space: simple, fast results.

  • Commission payments directly to your agency bank account for each booking you make and a dashboard view showing invoices and commissions on your personal account space (see below for details).

Groupcorner shares  its commission with you

Groupcorner Pro is your partner in sales growth! With each group accommodation booking made on our website, you receive a generous percentage (15 to 30%) of our commissions invoiced to hotel partners (commissions average 10% of net revenue).

The more you book on Groupcorner, the higher your commission percentage!
  • 3 to 5 bookings per year
  • OR
  • 10,000 to 29,999€ spent per year
  • 6 to 20 bookings per year
  • OR
  • 30,000 to 119,999€ spent per year
  • over 20 bookings per year
  • OR
  • more than 120,000€ spent per year

My agency has booked 22 groups for a total net revenue of 185,000€ over the last 12 months: Groupcorner Pro pays me a commission share of 30% or 3,700€.

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