Chinese portrait: what collective means of transportation are you?

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When we organize a journey in a group (seminary(seminar) of company, school, student, sports or associative journey), is needed safe(sure) to find an accommodation(hosting); but it is also necessary to choose the good means of transportation. Then before deciding on you, take time to think about this totally absurd question thus necessarily essential: 

" And if you were a collective means of transportation, which you would be? "


You never stay ready(in position): hardly the time(weather) to rest(pose) you and you leave towards new horizons. The distance does not frighten you. You are ready to spread(display) tons of energy to get your own way. Livened up(led) ( e ) by a permanent frenzy, one needs little to make you unstick(take off,take off). When you begin to tire, you know how to rise and you do not hesitate to pass in mode "autopilot". 

You are a plane??


In life, you like taking time and you follow the real line of conduct. Whatever is the way in which you make a commitment, your choices always hold the road. To stay shielded from hitches, you know how to have regular breaks in your everyday life(daily paper). From time to time, you slip a little: you take the microphone to put the atmosphere in mode(fashion) " stoking(fire chamber) Marcel " and you eventually admit to everybody that you find the drummer(beater) of handsome Superbus. 

You are a coach??


You are obsessed by the punctuality, even if you are far from showing it always. If it is on voucher rails, you know how to lead any project until its term. The success and the successes, you obtained a whole car from it. And nevertheless, the daily round does not frighten you: the routine serves you as electrical wire(main thread). Little inclined in release-grip(-taking), you always stay in the control. Up to here, you are on the right track, but station in the errors of points. 

You are a train??


You sometimes have periods of floating. You are allowed carry(wear) by the current and generally you do not like making of waves, preferring to leave to the others captain's armband. You admire Jules Ferry and you find that Brad Pitt " is not - that beautiful ". In your career(quarry), it is necessary to admit him(it), you a little navigate visually(play it by ear). But when it comes to to clear off, you are always on the bridge(deck). 

You are a boat??

You know about it more about you thanks to this quasi-scientific test? Then now, you go to be able to turn to serious matters: he(it) is going to need to reserve an accommodation(hosting) of group and a means of transportation.

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