Students, sportsmen, assos: 5 essential ingredients for a journey in a group successful

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WEI: become integrated abroad, it is possible

This article was automatically translated by Reverso 99 % of the weekends of integration (the WEI) organized by schools and French universities take place … in France. Not very original, certainly. But it is not necessarily attributable in a lack of originality or motivation. It is especially due to the fact that the stays abroad are often more expensive and can seem much more complicated to organize. The language and the culture should not however establish barriers. And the possible savings on the accommodation can often compensate for the additional cost in route. Especially as the border countries are sometimes[...]


Love, that works

 This article was automatically translated by Reverso Like his work, it's good. To love his colleagues, it is better. Between both, there is only a step - and he is often crossed ... The border between personal life and professional life is sometimes so narrow as you risk to finish to see your colleague preferred with the eyes of love - or, at least, with a light of desire in the look. Hey yes, while you bustle collectively under the raw light of the false ceilings of the open space, meanwhile, behind the scenes, love is for the work. Figures are formal: near a couple on 3 forms in the workplace. More effective[...]


#Mégalôtellerie: soon a hotel of 10.000 rooms in Mecca

This article was automatically translated by Reverso When we travel in a group, we are afraid always a little that the hotel is too small. So that the fear stops, two solutions offer themselves to you: confide(entrust) the reservation of your accommodation(hosting) to Groupcorner or choose the hotel " Abraj Kudai ". This huge hotel, under construction in Mecca, will propose to his(her) customers more than 10.000 rooms(chambers). No, there is no typing error, there is no zero too. You read well the figure: TEN THOUSAND rooms(chambers)! Of what live in it all of the inhabitants of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Surrealist …[...]


5 good plans for a journey in a group relaxing

This article was automatically translated by Reverso When we travel in a group, it is the opportunity(occasion) to relax and "to chiller " a little. Here are five ideas of relaxing activities to put a little of peace and sweetness in your stay. 1. Leave for a pension(retreat) in a group To travel (and networker) in mode "slow dance", why not leave making a pension(retreat) in a group? Situation scenario: you fly away for Portugal and you go to the countryside(take a break) for a few days in the face of(in front of) the sea, just for the pleasure to discuss together, to think together, to relax you together.[...]

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