The most summer European islands for your winter seminary

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso For your seminary of company this winter, run away from the fog, the drizzle and the snow. Even if it means practising sports, as much as it is in the sun. Europe abounds in welcoming islands to welcome your events "corporate". Here is a pip 5 the hottest European islands.  1. The Canary Islands You know maybe Lanzarote or Tenerife: the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands is established of 7 main islands, all of volcanic origin. His name has no report with birds: he comes from the Latin and means literally "islands in dogs". Was it wild dogs,[...]


The most unusual 5 carnivals in Europe

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso This winter, for your journey in a group, participate in an outstanding carnival. Here is a selection of five unusual carnivals, booked for initiated. Of what to mask your boredom during the time-outs of the stay ...  1. Mohács (Hungary) Dates: from 8 till 13 February 2018 Here is another carnival registers by the UNESCO on the "representative list of the immaterial cultural heritage of the humanity" (since 2009): that of Mohács, in Hungary. Busójórós (in French: the Marche of Buses ó) is a party where parade "Buses ó, men in suits of monsters[...]


In September, which make the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere?

This article was automatically translated by Reverso In September, it is not the comeback for everybody. Would you believe that, in the southern hemisphere, it is neither the end of the summer, nor that of the summer holidays. But in the fact: he(it) takes place what in the southern hemisphere in September?  1. Astronomy In the southern hemisphere, September corresponds at the beginning of the spring. Hey yes, the seasons are completely inverted: over there, we go out gradually of the winter. From the equinox (somewhere between 21 and on September 24th), days begin to be longer than at nights. The opposite from our[...]


In winter, it is hot in Valletta

 This article was automatically translated by Reverso Valletta is not a rural village of the South of France. Behind this charming name hides the capital of Malta. In winter, the temperatures go(take) up on average until 15,8°C there during the day - what makes it one of the hottest cities of Europe during the winter season. But Valletta, it is also: The name of the Frenchman Jean of Valletta, who based(established) the city in the XVIth century Approximately 25 kilometers of fortifications and ramparts The first European city to have been created on a plan in checkerboard, as Manhattan A[...]


5 things to do before summer to make a success of its seminary(seminar) of comeback

This article was automatically translated by Reverso 1. find the perfect accommodation The crucial point in the organization of your seminary(seminar) of company, it is naturally to find an accommodation(hosting) adapted to your need. Staff(size), budget, dates, place, atmosphere … One might as well say that the galley(bad adventure) begins.   For the accommodation(hosting), you have to make nothing: it is Groupcorner who takes care of it - and it is free.   1. Choose a theme which tears " At first was the Verb. " For a seminary(seminar), it is similar: give him(her) a[...]

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