10 new sliding sports on snow which you will practise maybe one day on tracks

 This article was automatically translated by Reverso You grow tired of the sled, the ski and the snowboard? Here is a small game(set,play) to prepare your future stay in station(resort) this winter. In the list below, how many sliding sports on snow do you know? And if ever you know any, how much have you already practised it?  1. The snooc, inspired by the classic art paret, which allows you to transform your skis of hike(ride) into sled 2. The yooner, a hybrid equipment, halfway between the monoski and the sled 3. The snowskate (or come from all sides(spurt out) snow), a kind of skateboard of snows 4. The snow[...]


5 better carnivals of Europe for a seminary of company or a journey in a group

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso This winter, for your seminary(seminar) of company or your journey in a group, take advantage of February to attend a carnival of madness in a beautiful European city. Here is a selection of grotesque destinations to warm the atmosphere... 1. Nice (France) Dates: from February 17th till March 3rd, 2018 Even if it means partying in streets in winter, as much as it is under the sun. Côte d'Azur(French Riviera) welcomes you for a carnival organized since 1873. Immense and decorated tanks parade(scroll) within the famous corsi grotesque and are illuminated[...]


Rio: the carnival which terrifies all the meters

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso The Rio carnival takes place every year since 1892. During five days in February, the event beats all the records of attendance(company). The gigantic size becomes the standard.  Here are some figures which risk to turn the head of you. The Rio carnival, it is:  - More than 1 million tourists come from the whole world  - Approximately 200 schools of samba which compete in boldness and in color, at the rate of the percussions - Dressed up processions which can gather(collect) up to 5.000 dancers and musicians - Up to 5 million party animals in the streets[...]


Hardly 1 human being on 10 lives in the southern hemisphere

This article was automatically translated by Reverso Did you know that the wild one-armed persons(penguins) live exclusively in the South of the equator? (Well, OK, some rare brave sometimes cross(exceed) the equator at the level of the Galapagos) but for the human beings it is different: only 10 % of the world population lives in the southern hemisphere.  This big half of the Earth, where five continents are represented, contains only a third(third party) of lands emerged from our planet. His(her,its) 800 million inhabitants divide up into about fifty countries. The language(tongue) the most spoken in the southern[...]


5 winter sports which you have doubtless never practised

 This article was automatically translated by Reverso 5 winter sports which you have doubtless never practised This winter, you leave to the mountain? Discover five unusual winter sports, just to vary the pleasures.  1. The snowkite You cannot it more row on tracks(runways)? Exchange your ski sticks for a big kite. As the kitesurf at sea, the snowkite works with a wide sail inflated by the wind, which is going to tow you at top speed in the powdery. You can snub maybe even goes back up(raises) them slopes by exploiting(running) exclusively forces of Nature.  2. The dive under ice(mirror,ice cream)[...]

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