Easter and the chocolate: very greedy statistics

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso To organize a journey in a group in Easter, it is no picnic - but it is often a lot, a lot of chocolate. To prepare you better for the chocolate orgy, here is some statistics delicious and rich in cocoa... 3 billion euros : it is the annual sales of the market of the chocolate in France. It is also that, " the oil "! 15.000 tons : it is the weight of chocolates sold to Easter in France every year. It is a lot, but that stays twice less than in Christmas. 70 millions: it is the number of eggs, stupid and other rabbits in chocolate were sold in the[...]


Journeys in a group in Easter: it is already the spring

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso To travel in a group in Easter, that does not act as itself. It is necessary to find at first dates when everybody is available, between bridges(decks) and school holidays, then to choose a destination, and finally to organize the transport and the accommodation(hosting). To motivate the maximum of world and put a little of whim in this journey in a group (school, student, sports or associative), here is five ideas of stays in Europe - Because the Easter Island, that makes a little bit far... 1. Taken(brought) out boat in Corsica Let's go to(Focus[...]


In every season its seminar

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso New year, new seminaries(seminars) to be organized … Here is a selection of four destinations, one by season, to help you to fill(perform) your schedule(diary) with events of company and the journeys in a group.  1. Spring seminary(seminar) in the Basque Country While days extend(get longer), resumed(took back) here you are by a thirst of oxygen and sea air. Thus leave inhaling the oceanic sea sprays at the heart of the French Basque Country. You and your team go to be able to put you in the green and taste(savour) in the cool of the[...]


Organize a seminar: how long is it necessary to take itself there in advance?

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso You have to organize a seminary of company? In an ideal world, it would be necessary to begin to work above on one year in advance. Well, we know what that is: regarding schedule and regarding organization, the ideal world does not exist. Thus we tried to reduce for you at least the setting-up time of a seminary. Result of the accounts: it is necessary you to count at least 3 months. And you go to see that it is squeezed ... J-90: the date of the seminary and the destination must be blocked, the list of the guests also.  J-75: the accommodation must be booked.[...]


The pip 7 of the European destinations for the journeys in a group

This article was automatically translated by Reverso You organize a journey in a group at the start of the school year(in autumn)? Groupcorner helps you to choose your destination and takes care of the accommodation(hosting). Be allowed spoil, it is free: you put a simple option, without commitment, and here you are serene for all summer. We reveal you 7 successful European destinations with the groups. On the way! 7. Barcelona OK, this year, question soccer, it is Madrid which dominates the debates in Spain. But as soon as we approach the question of the journeys in a group, then there it is the[...]

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