Where go the Spaniards when they travel abroad?

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso 5,8 million Spaniards visited France in 2016. Our parts of the country, so close and so different from theirs, seem to have the favors of these people of travelers. It is necessary to say that France is the world champion of the tourist destinations, with 83 million foreign visitors every year. The British, the Germans and the Belgians train(form) our main trio of admirers, chased by the Italians, the Swiss and the Spaniards, then the Americans, the Dutch people and the Chinese. If our Iberian friends arrive only in 6th position, France nevertheless stands out as their[...]


The main differences between the French people and the Spaniards

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso Neighbors, yes. Latin cousins, also. But the similarities stop here. Between France and Spain, the list of the cultural differences is also long as the chain(channel) of Pyrenees. If Spain is close only, its night-and high life in color offers the disorientation which you certainly need at the moment. Desire(envy) for exoticism without leaving to the other end of the world? Begin by crossing the border... You have dinner? They sleep (and conversely) Between France and Spain, there is no time difference but nothing is made at the same moment. To begin with the[...]

The favorite destinations of the Spanish tourists in Spain

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso 91 % of the tourist journeys organized by the Spaniards are made in Spain. Our neighbors of besides Pyrenees thus prefer to stay at their home(with them) to travel. With their 506.000 km ² of territory and their 17 regions in the varied accents, they would be wrong to go without. Then made as them and choose Spain as your journeys in a group. We suggest you discovering the corners(places) which the Spaniards prefer in their own country: follow the local guides to live really at the hour Spanish time. Here are the favorite destinations of the Spaniards, inside their[...]

QUIZ : dans quel pays cette photo a-t-elle été prise ?

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Le flop 5 des destinations européennes à éviter pour un séminaire

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