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Groupcorner has selected for you and AXA an insurance policy that meets the challenges and risks of the current situation. Offering the necessary guarantees to ensure your travel budget before departure: cancellation for all justified causes and exceptional events, impossible departure, missed plane, plane delay.

Underwriting guarantees

  • Cancellation insurance before departure for all justified causes and exceptional events: 10 000 € per person
  • Interruption of stay : 7 000 €
  • And also the guarantees of impossible departure, missed plane, plane delay, etc

Conditions of subscription

  • Cap Groupe must imperatively be subscribed before or within 48 hours of the payment of the first deposit of your trip (flights, hotels, circuit...) except for the Assistance formula which can be subscribed up to the day before departure
  • You must be a resident of mainland France, the overseas departments, the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Principality of Andorra or Monaco
  • Maximum duration of the trip: 60 days
  • No age limit

Covid-19 - What does this contract cover?

What's covered:

  • Cancellation in the event of the Covid19 being contracted before departure
  • Cancellation in case of quarantine before departure
  • Cancellation if you are denied boarding access following a thermal (or other health) control set up by the authorities or the carrier
  • Medical expenses in the event of a contraction of the Covid-19 at destination and medical repatriation recommended by the assistance platform
  • Return impossible in case of lack of transport to the destination due to a containment declared by the local authorities
  • The extension of the stay in the country of destination in case of quarantine

What's excluded:

  • Cancellation due to travel restrictions resulting directly from a declaration of a pandemic, including Covid-19, or an event known to the World Health Organization
  • Cancellation due to illness without medical evidence issued by a doctor
  • Reimbursement of all or part of the trip that has been fully or partially refunded by the tour operator or the transport company, regardless of the method of reimbursement (bank transfer, cash, voucher, etc.)
  • Medical coverage when the insured person has undertaken the trip despite the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country of residence