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The history of Krakow has not been peaceful, to say the least. Over the centuries, the city has been invaded by Mongolian, Turkish, Russian, Nazi and communist conquerors. Without totally erasing this past history, Krakow has managed to renew yet preserve a city of incredible artistic and natural beauty, making it a wonderful destination for leisure groups, history buffs or athletes. John Paul II Airport, 11 kilometers from Krakow, offers direct flights from most major European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Munich or Zurich. This is probably the simplest solution to get your group to Krakow. It's easy to reach Krakow by motorway from Germany, the Czech Republic or Slovakia. While Poland remains a budget destination for groups, Krakow has experienced a surge in popularity and prices in the city are generally higher than the overall average for Poland. Groupcorner has selected the best hotels in the center of Krakow to help you find budget accommodation for groups, and hotels perfectly suited for company meetings, alumni association trips or school groups.

Krakow is undoubtedly the prettiest city in Poland. Its superb architectural heritage seems at odds with a history of war and invasions. Krakow has retained a splendid mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles that will enchant the members of your corporate retreat or travel club. Wawel Hill and castle are an important part of Poland's history and well worth a visit, but the old town will truly amaze your group. The ancient center of Krakow is a pedestrian-only crown jewel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978. Your group will enjoy strolling among its historical monuments and admiring the art works. Krakow is equally a vibrant and lively city with many restaurants for your group to enjoy during a celebration or company incentive trip to Krakow. The city enjoys the dubious honor of having the highest number of pubs and bars per square meter of any European city, Na zdrowie ! (Cheers !).

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