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Whether for a business meeting, conference, school trip, family getaway, spiritual retreat or sports competition, there are many reasons to take a trip in a group. Finding accommodation that satisfies the needs and tastes of all, but also meets a predefined budget is not easy to do. Confronted with an overcrowded range of offers, organising your quotes and making sure that the hotel, apartment-hotel or holiday village meets all your criteria, then actually finalising and managing the booking with payment and rooming lists can be an arduous task. Groupcorner has already done most of the work for you and saves you valuable time.

Of the thousands of accommodation choices we have listed in France and Europe, we have selected options to meet every need, whether for a small group at a teambuilding weekend, or a business seminar for hundreds of employees. In the heart of major French cities or European capitals, we have selected hotels to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels to economical options. In the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, we offer accommodation as varied as campsites, holiday villages or group lodges. We even have unusual and unique places to stay for an original experience. There is something for everyone, every need, and every budget.

Our travel notes

Traveling to Venice

Venice, city of lovers, is located in Northern "boot-shaped" Italy, on the Adriatic coast. You can pick any mode of transport to get there, but some of them will turn out to be more convenient according to your original location.

Most travelers who fly to Venice land at Marco Polo Airport, located a dozen km away from Venice (East of Mestre). However, some low-cost airlines, including Ryanair, are based in the Treviso Airport, which is 30 km away from the center of Venice (that is one hour by car). From Marco Polo Airport, you can reach the centre by bus in 30 minutes for 6€. A taxi ride will cost you 30 to 40 €, while a vaporetto (waterbus) fare will be only 15 €. If you come from Treviso, buses will take you to the centre in 40 minutes for 7 €.
Many travelers favor getting there by train: indeed, you arrive straight into the heart of Venice without worrying about parking your car, thanks to the regional Venetian network. If you come from France or Switzerland, you can take the Thello night train.
Finally, you can also drive to Venice, if you come from Eastern France and Switzerland for instance. Nevertheless you may have to get on a regional train in Mestre or Padova to finish your journey, in order to avoid the intricacies of taking a vehicle to Venice. As for international bus lines that serve Venice, they are not very affordable.

Hotels of all standards for all kinds of groups

Even though Venice used to be a thriving capital for commerce, which made it affluent, it is a small city in comparison with today's standards. The city has 260,000 inhabitants, 58,000 of which live in the centre, which is the most touristic part. The others live on the Mestre banks and the other islands of the lagoon.
Venice is made up of six historic districts. San Marco (Saint Mark) is the most touristic one: it harbors Piazza San Marco with its Basilica, the tall Campanile and the Doge's Palace. San Polo district and its famous Rialto also make up the heart of the city. On the other side of the Great Canal, opposite San Marco, Dorsoduro is a pleasant area harboring the Ca’Rezzonico Palace, San Nicolo dei Mendicoli church and the Accademia museum; it is the only area resting on the ground (others are built on a marsh). Behind Dorsoduro and San Polo, the Santa Croce area is built upon an ancient saltern; the railway station is located there. It is faced by Cannaregio, a vast residential area featuring the historic Ghetto and beautiful churches such as the Madonna dell'Orto. Finally, the vast Castello district- deriving its name from ancient fortifications- is built against San Marco. Obviously, other islands of the Venice archipelago deserve your attention, such as Murano, home to glass artists, Burano and its many-colored houses, or the Lido with its beach resorts. Owing to the small size of the city and the continuous flow of tourists, accommodation in the historic centre is fairly expensive. Therefore many visitors choose to stay in the coastal city of Mestre, which offers more affordable hosting. Whether you travel with a business group, a school group, a sports team or an association, Groupcorner will find choice accommodation that fit your needs.

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