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Whether for a business meeting, conference, school trip, family getaway, spiritual retreat or sports competition, there are many reasons to take a trip in a group. Finding accommodation that satisfies the needs and tastes of all, but also meets a predefined budget is not easy to do. Confronted with an overcrowded range of offers, organising your quotes and making sure that the hotel, apartment-hotel or holiday village meets all your criteria, then actually finalising and managing the booking with payment and rooming lists can be an arduous task. Groupcorner has already done most of the work for you and saves you valuable time.

Of the thousands of accommodation choices we have listed in France and Europe, we have selected options to meet every need, whether for a small group at a teambuilding weekend, or a business seminar for hundreds of employees. In the heart of major French cities or European capitals, we have selected hotels to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels to economical options. In the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, we offer accommodation as varied as campsites, holiday villages or group lodges. We even have unusual and unique places to stay for an original experience. There is something for everyone, every need, and every budget.

Our travel notes

Traveling to Berlin

Located in the far North-East of Germany, Berlin is quite far from France- 760 km away from Strasburg and over 1000 km from Paris, and even more if you live farther South or West. Therefore the best solution is to fly to Berlin, event though you still can take the train or drive there.

Berlin is served by two international airports. Tegel lies in the North-East and Schönefeld is farther South. A brand new airport is under construction, but is currently suffering many delays. From Tegel, it takes just 20 to 40 minutes to reach the city centre by bus, depending whether you wish to get to the Western or Eastern part of the city. From Schönefeld however, it is more convenient to take the train, with either express shuttles (20-30 min) or regional trains (30-45 mins). The traditional airlines providing most flights to Berlin are Air France and Lufthansa; the low cost companies are Easyjet and Air Berlin. However, according to your airport of origin, some of these companies may not offer direct flights.
Taking the train to Berlin is possible, yet more time-consuming. As there is no direct line from France, you will have to change trains. From Paris, take the Thalys (SNCF) train to Düsseldorf or Köln, then continue with a Deutsche Bahn train.
Berlin is well-served by the free, high-quality German highways, so driving to Berlin remains an option. Obviously, that budget choice will take you much more traveling time and may require two steps if you come from the South of France. You may also hop on one of the Eurolines buses to Berlin.

Hotels of all standards for all kinds of groups

With over 3 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest German city and is much more widespread than Paris. Despite the fall of the Wall and the relentless efforts to even out the differences between Western and Eastern Germany, strong contrasts remain. For instance, on average rents are globally 31% lower than in Paris ; however costs greatly vary from one district to another.
Mitte is the historic heart of the city and harbors the Museums' Island with the Pergamon, the iconic Brandenburger Tor and political institutions like the Parliament. In the North, Prenzlauerberg is a small village-like area. The popular Kreuzerg district is always hectic. Friedrichshain and the Alexanderplatz are located in the Eastern part and epitomize the "people's democracy" architecture, with its large avenues and huge raw buildings. As for the Western part, Charlottenburg it the poshest district; it had become the city centre after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The huge Tiergarten Park lies between Charlottenburg and Mitte; its district harbors several museums and a vast business centre, the famous Potsdamer Platz.

The business events and trade fairs are set in two "Messe" business centers, one near Schönefeld airport and the other in the Western part of Berlin. Groupcorner has selected hotels suiting all kinds of groups in Berlin- whether it is a business group, a school group, a sports club, or an association.

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