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A meeting is, of course, and above all, a work opportunity. Groupcorner has a wide range of rooms available for business teambuilding events, meetings and seminars. A meeting is also an opportunity to get together in a place other than the office to share a pleasant moment. Rediscover yourself in the inspiring setting of unusual surroundings or an exotic destination. Thousands of hotels, lodges or apartment-hotels selected for you by Groupcorner are available for your next conference or teambuilding event.

Located at the heart of major French cities and European capitals, we have hand-picked accommodation with meeting rooms and easy to access to airport hubs, for every taste and budget, from simple 1-star hotels to 5-star luxury hotels. Whether traditional charm or contemporary design, mountains, countryside or beach settings, we offer a wide choice of both original and classic accommodation. Each is equipped with meetings room and everything needed to organise a successful meeting or conference.

Our travel notes

Traveling to Lisbon

Lisbon is located at the far ends of the Iberian Peninsula; getting there by plane is therefore the most convenient and fastest solution, wherever you come from (except if you live in Spain!).

The Portela international airport is the biggest in the country. From the airport, you can reach the centre with the red line of the metro, which is the cheapest solution. Alternatively, just hop on the bus (Aerobus, lignes 22, 44 et 745), which can take you where the metro will not, like Cais do Sodré. As for a taxi ride, it will cost you roughly 15 € (plus 1,60€ per luggage).
You can also arrive to Lisbon by railway, but it is more time-consuming and you will have to take a night train. This solution can turn out to be convenient if you live far from an airport.
Finally, you can also drive to Lisbon; however this choice will imply long driving hours as the routes are often longer than 1000 km. You can also get on a Eurolines bus in case you cannot charter a bus for your group.

Hotels of all standards for all kinds of groups

The city itself has only half a million inhabitants, however Greater Lisbon gathers a fifth oh the whole Portuguese population with 3 million people. The cost of living is often cheaper here than in other European capitals, especially the Northern ones. The various districts in Lisbon have their own charm. The most ancient one, and the most liked by tourists, is Alfama, near the sea. It stands out with its maze of quaint streets, its churches, its museum of Fado and its castle. On the opposite, eastwards, in the XVIIIth century Baixa area, streets form a regular grid; it is famous for its squares. Farther East, you will find the down-to-earth Bairro Alto district, renowned for its hectic nightlife. It is nice to spend the evening there, though it might turn out a loud place to stay. The Chiado district is wedged between Bairro Alto and Baixa; this shopping area has posh and intellectual airs. Besides, two other districts outside the historical centre are worth visiting: Bélem and the Park of Nations (Parque das Nacoes). The former harbors museums and the famous Tower of Bélem, a UNESCO world heritage site that also welcomes seminars. As for the Park of Nations, it is a state-of-the-art business centre expanding on the remains of the 1988 World Exhibition; many congresses are based there. Groupcorner has selected hotels that can accommodate all kinds of groups in Lisbon- whether it is composed of colleagues, school pupils, sports people or association members.

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Because booking accommodation for groups is complex, our team of Groupcorner advisors is on hand to make the process easy for you. Accommodation partners and clients can easily contact our advisors to smooth communication and solve tricky situations so that your group finds an ideal solution!

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