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Your group stay in Denmark

A very welcoming country, Denmark is a country renowned for its quality of life. In other words, it is a pleasant place to stay to organize your seminars, school trips or group stays. Surrounded by water, however, Denmark is connected to Germany by only a few dozen kilometres of border. It is therefore easily accessible by train or car for those coming from Europe. However, with the international airports of Copenhagen and Billund, the air solution can be very practical for your group. These two airports offer direct flights to most major European cities. The country being flat and small, it is then easy to reach all the regions of Denmark from Copenhagen or Billund. Once there, don't hesitate to take the bike to get around. Everything here is made for cyclists! 17% of journeys are made by bicycle. For your group, you will have the choice between Copenhagen and smaller cities with a rich past such as Ribe, the oldest city in the country, or Aarhus. You can also choose to take your group to the seaside or to one of the 406 islands surrounding Denmark. The latter may have fewer hotels or accommodation for groups than Copenhagen, but on many of them you will find pretty hotels to organise your group stay. To help you in your choice, Groupcorner has selected the best hotels for groups in Denmark.

Denmark is a discreet country. And it's a chance! Unlike many countries that you think you've seen everything about before you even visit them, Denmark is a book that reveals its treasures as you turn the pages. Of course, Copenhagen, its Tivoli gardens and its little mermaid are famous throughout the world, but the same cannot be said of Aarhus or Ribe. However, the latter is the oldest city in Denmark and has preserved cobbled streets and half-timbered houses that give it an incredible charm. Not to mention Billund and the LEGOLAND® park or the Viking sites that bear witness to the rich history of this small country. Away from the cities, your group will also enjoy the beautiful Danish beaches of Skagen or Hvide Sande as well as the incomparable atmosphere of the island of Bornholm with its thatched villages and cycle paths. If your group discovers Denmark during your stay, there is no doubt that it will be conquered by this charming country where life is good.

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Class trips are wonderful memories of childhood or adolescence. They are full of moments of discovery and unforgettable conviviality that students rarely experience in school. It’s difficult for children to imagine how hard teachers work to organise a field trip. Arranging transportation, preparing visits and especially finding suitable lodging for a group of children or teenagers can be frustrating and exhausting. Groupcorner makes it easier for teachers to travel with their class or create a language training session in a European country.


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