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A program dedicated to Travel Agencies and Travel Professionals

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Groupcorner Pro

A program dedicated to Travel Agencies and Travel Professionals

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How  does it work?

Don't waste any more of your time searching for accommodation for your clients !

The solution for your group requests

Book accommodation for your customers on Groupcorner, the specialist for group accommodation.


Track in real time the requests and bookings made by your entire agency within a dashboard view for better monitoring.

Personalized support

A dedicated advisor will assist you from the definition of your needs to the day of your event

Direct relationship with hotels

Chat directly with our hotel partners in order to respond quickly and correctly to your customers' specifications

Guided tour


Save time

Entrust the search for the best solutions to the European leader in group booking

Best prices

Access to the best rates thanks to a tool that puts hotels in competition with each other

Better control

Use a single solution for your entire agency : make your life easier !

Groupcorner, the European leader in group bookings, works in direct relationship with more than 27,000 hotels and accommodation of all types and styles, throughout Europe and Morocco.

Transparent prices

The rates are communicated directly by the accommodation and correspond exactly to the final price you will have to pay. Communicate the price you want to your final customer

Receive a commission

Groupcorner pays you a minimum of 25% of its commission. Super Annual Bonus of an additional 10% if your business volume exceeds 120,000€ during the year

Share ourcommission

Groupcorner Pro becomes your best growth partner!


On all your bookings

Groupcorner will refund you 25% of its commission on each booking you make. The amounts are accrued to your account once the stay has passed and the commission has been paid by the accommodation to Groupcorner. Payment is made quarterly.


Great bonus

An additional bonus of 10% (of the commission received by Groupcorner) will be paid once a year if your business volume exceeds €120,000 over the last year.

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