Chinese portrait: what collective means of transportation are you?

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso When we organize a journey in a group (seminary(seminar) of company, school, student, sports or associative journey), is needed safe(sure) to find an accommodation(hosting); but it is also necessary to choose the good means of transportation. Then before deciding on you, take time to think about this totally absurd question thus necessarily essential:  " And if you were a collective means of transportation, which you would be? " PROFILE n°1 You never stay ready(in position): hardly the time(weather) to rest(pose) you and you leave towards new horizons. The[...]

The weight of transport for the groups: figures unstick

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso Since a few months, Groupcorner proposes to his customers a quite new service. For your seminary or your journey in a group, the start-up manages not only the reservation of your accommodation of group, but also that of your transport.  Hundreds of demands were handled already and the team of Groupcorner was able to extract some interesting statistics. Here is exclusively the part represented by every collective means of transportation in the reservations made with the platform:  #1 The plane ✈️: for 43 % of the journeys in a group  #2 The coach 🚌: 39 %[...]


What is the date of the summer solstice?

The summer solstice, it is the longest day of the year, date of the calendar where the night is the shortest. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice falls generally on June 21st (and sometimes on June 20th). But it is not always the case. Indeed, our civil calendar (the Gregorian calendar) account 365 or 366 days and is not perfectly synchronized with the cycle of rotation of the Earth around the sun (365,2422 days to be precise!). From where of small gaps, certain years …  ? In June 21st: it is, in the great majority of the cases, the official date of the summer solstice. ? In June 20th: it had not arrived since[...]

Summer solstice: where leave to celebrate Saint Jean in a group?


When the Spaniards organize their seminary in Spain ...

  This article was automatically translated by Reverso You organize a seminary(seminar)? A professional journey in a group is always an adventure. To conjugate escape and entrepreneurial spirit is a learned dosage. When the time has come to get a breath of fresh air to weld better the teams, we can trust the Spaniards. Specialists in user-friendliness(conviviality), they are also big lovers of their country. For their seminaries(seminars) of company, our European neighbors bet on the urban nuggets which mesh their territory. Then follow the local guides, in a few hours only of the office(desk). This is the official[...]

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